You Don't Need a High Vibration to Follow Your Heart

Waiting & procrastination are one of our biggest pitfalls on our journey. That's where we stagnate, freeze, go back into mind-loops and don't allow the momentum of life to take us.


Allowing Major Shifts In Our Reality

To grow and evolve as a man is a process of allowing. As the changing of seasons arrives, are you prepared to let go and dance with it? Can you let life happen? Can you trust it is for the best? Can you hold enough faith to see the magic on the other side?


Dare To Live Your Truth

This is a reminder to stay true to your path, to keep saying "yes" to the calling of life. My journey has been about the courage and boldness to keep saying "yes" to all that life has called me into. Each "yes" has opened doors and possibilities that I never could have imagined.


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