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The Courage to Live Fully

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2018

The purpose of this writing is to assist you in beginning the enquiry of what it would take for you to be all in.

One of the things that I am most proud of, is the fact that I have to a point where I can truly say that I'm "all in" for life. 

I'm not sacrificing myself at all. 

I'm not holding back. 

I'm in integrity with my heart. 

I push my own levels of comfort over and over again. 

I'm not doing anything for the sake of money alone. 

This by no means says I am perfect or I've figured it all out, it simply means that I'm living fully and really 'going for it' the best I can. 

To come to this point has been a serious journey. 

It's taken a lot. 

I've stepped into the unknown more times than I can count, repeatedly taking what many would consider 'leaps of faith'. I've met my deepest fears, I've had to let go of people and I've been tested as a man. 

But the liberation of feeling that I'm truly meeting the edge of life, that I'm not playing small or living in fear is the greatest gift in and of itself. 

... And you know what? 

Life meets you exactly where you are. 

This is a universal law that I have experienced over and over again. 

When I've leapt, life has showed up... every single time. 

There's always a test of faith, but there's always the reward of indescribable magic as life reflects your internal desires as tangibly lived experiences. 

Honestly, the last few years of my life are filled with countless stories of this. Even from when I made one of my first big steps at age 19 to leave university just nine weeks in, move to Australia and start my first business with absolutely no expertise at all. Now, that was five years ago, but that began the journey of stepping forth with ever greater faith to explore possibilities I could not have conceived of. 

Today, I'm sitting in the heart of one of these inconceivable possibilities. 

Six months ago I let go of something really major. I had moved to Amsterdam to build a major project. It was about creating leaders and growing through community. I gave everything to get it off the ground and become successful, and that's exactly what happened. Within a few months a small group of us had built a company, run countless events, toured around Europe and were building community in Amsterdam as well as a global community online. This was the manifestation of my hearts intention and it was building momentum (which is the hardest part of starting any company or movement). Right at this point, things started to change and I knew that I had to let it all go. I was torn... I had given literally everything I had for months and so many people were benefiting from this around the world. But within myself, I knew I had to let it go and take another leap. A part of me was angry at life, but I just surrendered. Eventually I went to the USA and Canada on a personal exploration, but after a couple of months I craved to build a huge project again with the best people and I craved to find a place I could call home and ground myself. 

I went to various places around Europe searching for this home... and it simply did not manifest. First Prague, then Amsterdam and it just wasn't right. I then fell sick. My body became weak, energy low and I could barely sit behind a computer for an hour a day before feeling extreme discomfort. I had no idea what was going on, but it called me to seriously let go of my search for a creative project. I lived at my girlfriends where she cared for me as I went through what i consider the most challenging time of my life. 

This was a big test of faith, and again I started to feel angry at life. I had followed my heart so fully, felt so ready to serve the world... and now this?!

But life had something unimaginable in store for me. With enough patience, and presence it would soon be revealed. 

... a couple of months later it was. 

If you'd given me one wish one wish over the last year, it most likely would have been to have a physical centre in which leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries from all over the world could come together to grow, awaken and co create together. 

A place that was made for people like me. 

Not just a retreat centre, but a real incubator for greatness. Where people could come and go, as well as live together. 

Well... OH MY GOD. 

Let me show you where I not only now live, but am also on the director's board of. 

So, this is my home. It's called New Eden. It is in the north of the Netherlands and is one of the most magnificent places I have ever been to. 

It sleeps up to seventy people, has deluxe facilities, ultra high speed wifi, a jacuzzi. It doesn't just meet my needs for a home, it transcends them times a thousand. 

And you know what else?... 

I am working on a number of projects I could not foresee. 

And you know what else?... 

I have an all-star team of people to create and grow with. 

Everything I let go of in Amsterdam has re-birthed itself into something even greater. But it took letting go, continuing to step forth, maintain patience long enough for something new to manifest. 

The story behind this is a piece of art and I have just shared the basic essence of it with you. But I wanted to share this as one example of possibility as our stories are what inspire one another to find greater courage and possibility. 

My teaching is my example and that's what I share with the world openly. 

Being 'all in' is not an overnight game, it's a process of following your heart and being true to who you are over and over again, until you've gathered enough faith to see that it's absolutely safe to live fully, despite not having 'full control' over how things go. 

I hope my own story has inspired an enquiry within yourself. 

I want to leave a few questions below to guide you. 

  1. On a scale of 1-10 how "all in" are you? 
  2. What would it look like to be 1 or 2 numbers higher? 
    (think practically here, what might happen in your life if you were more "in"). 
  3. What stops you from being more "in" than you presently are? 
    (name honestly for yourself why you aren't living more fully and playing more boldly in life) 
  4. Why do you want to me more in? 
    (you need some internal fuel to go and challenge your fears). 
  5. What is your most dominant story (in your head) as to why you don't do what you really want to do? 
  6. Are you willing to enquire deeper to find out that this story is an idea not a reality
  7. Are you willing to find just a little more courage and faith and take a small step (or a big step)? 


That's it for now. 

I want to remind you that life is a safe place to leap. I have been my own guinea pig to test out this universe and what's possible. I wanted to go first and prove that what I have done isn't anything special, it's just aligning to the natural way to live our lives. 

Let's create and be free. 

Let's set a new foundation of possibility... together. 

Life's happening now, so why not play it fully? 

Much Love, 



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