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Living Your Heart's Calling

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2018

Hey guys, 

This is an invitation to just let yourself say "yes" to life. 

One of the biggest pitfalls of the journey of personal transformation is the delaying of just saying "yes" to what you really want, letting go of the things that don't serve you and taking some real steps in life. 

Life doesn't have a challenging time to support you once you start taking these steps, but it sure as hell does when you're all caught up in your head and procrastinating on really stepping into a new gear. 

Whatever the excuse or reason... it's just that... an excuse or reason. It's an idea that 98% of the time lacks actual reality. 

So why not shortcut your journey of embodying your leadership by just saying "yes" to what's calling you. 

You don't need to analyse all the steps, just say "yes" to the first one. 

Life takes away the complications by giving us a simple 'rule of thumb' for succeeding and living fully. It works like this: 

"Always say "yes" to the step that feels best". 

Literally that's it. 

Our internal guidance is so damn simple that we are only revealed one or two steps at a time. The rest will be revealed when we get going. 

Yep... I know. 

We're not taught like that. 

The mind clouds up with fears, 'what ifs' and petty doubts. 

I get it. I've been deep in it. 

But let me ask you this? 


This whole piece of writing is an invitation to connect with that. 

Because your heart is not clouded with fear, confusion, worry and insecurity. Your heart is purely connected to your true intelligence, guidance and the endless possibility that awaits when you find the willingness to follow it. 

So why not just go for it? 

Because you're looking at two parallel realities. 

The path of a bold "fuck it". 

... and a path of safety and control. 

There's a wild adventure that awaits. 

There's so much for you discover and unlock within yourself. 

But you gotta let the brakes off. You gotta trust in possibility and the goodness of life. 

Say "yes", take a step into the terrain of possibilities. 


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